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Don’t just fall into the ‘old school’ traditional family law legal process – make a conscious choice and find the best path for you.

We understand that choosing the right lawyers and professional advisers to help you through your divorce/separation is essential. This is why we offer a free half hour consultation with us, without any obligation, and so that you can learn more about all of the options available and the variety of support expert advisers can provide to you during this time. Click on the CONTACT US page and book or call for a consultation with us today.

The East London and Essex Collaborative Law POD is made up of the following:

Collaborative Lawyers

The Pod has a number of Specialist Family Lawyers who are Collaboratively trained and committed to offering this service to clients; should you consider it to be the best option for you, once you have learnt all about all of the options available.

We strongly believe that this way of dealing with things can provide the ultimate in support and tailored advice from experts who are all working together in the best interests not only of you but your whole family, especially your children.

Financial Advisers

Using the services of an independent financial adviser (IFA) as part of the Collaborative process will provide both parties with the peace of mind that financial issues such as pensions, investments, mortgages and protection policies are being structured in the most efficient way ahead of separation, and post separation.

This is particularly the case with complex issues and options surrounding pensions which often form one of the largest assets within a relationship but are often held by one party.

We would recommend involving an experienced IFA at the early stages as they will be able to give an overview of where the likely issues will arise and provide some initial guidance which will save you time and expense later on. They will also be able to articulate complex issues in a straightforward way allowing both parties, whatever their financial experience, to better understand what their options are.


We recognise that not everyone feels that they need (or can afford) the support provided by the Collaborative Law process. For families who believe mediation is the right process for them, this is a service we can offer. The skills of the mediator and the Collaborative Lawyer are similar and we understand that working closely with mediators to ensure you have access to information is vital so that you can make informed choices about what’s best for you.

Mediation is a voluntary process. The mediator is impartial and will help provide a safe space for your discussions and negotiations. The mediator can provide legal information but not legal advice. Mediation is often best supported by the parties having the benefit of separate legal advice. Mediation enables those involved to make the decisions about their future and will help improve communication. Mediation is a non-legally binding process. The mediator will record your financial disclosure and any agreement formally within a Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Summary and you can then see a lawyer to formalise your agreement for the future.

Family Consultants and Counsellors

Sometimes the toll of the breakdown of a relationship, and a subsequent divorce or separation can have a far-reaching impact on the mental, psychological or emotional health of the family, perhaps for the individual involved or for their child or children.

When this happens extra support is often needed and if so, we have help on hand, working with colleagues both within the East London and Essex Collaborative Law Pod and beyond to provide specialist counselling/emotional support from specialist family consultants.

Family Consultants have a wealth of experience of working with families, both adults and children – often in the most difficult of circumstances. For example, providing counselling and emotional support to any client who is struggling to come to terms with the breakdown of their relationship or supporting children coming to terms with the separation of their parents. Their intervention can really can make a huge difference.

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